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Hi! I am Jeannie Bluemel, Computer Genie.

There is nothing more frustrating than struggling with technology when "it should be" simple.

Checking your e-mail, surfing the web, and watching a movie. All fun and entertaining things to do, if only your computer were faster and easier to understand how to stay away from bad downloads and viruses that keeps you from enjoying the ability to be connected to everything the Information World has to offer.

If only you knew how to avoid the minefield of faudulent internet traps set against you. To steal your money and information. How it all works just enough to stay safe and clean and fast.

Yes, it should be easy. But it's not. At first.

It becomes easier the more you practice and use it. The more you study, the more you know, the better you get, and your confidence strengthens in your practice.

So why is getting to know the computer so intimidating?

And who wants to learn everything from scratch? 

If only, there were a way to take the shortcut. AND THERE IS!!!

Here's the truth...

I was just like you. I didn't know exactly where to start. I was afraid to touch anything on the computer screen; I was scared to click an icon on the desktop, or drag and drop files or folders into each other.

I did not know what would happen. I was afraid. This fear kept me from producing a Company Newsletter for my employer. 

Boy, oh boy! Once I recognized that I was sabotaging myself, I had an epiphany:

"Even if I completely screw this up, I AM going to learn how to put it all back together again.
What is the worst thing that could happen? I would have to start over."

And this was something I could live with. 


I would just start over.

So I started clicking on EVERYTHING. Every file, every folder. Right-clicking, left-clicking. Double-clicking. And so it began.

Computer Genie was born. This was the pivotal moment of my career.


And I did. Over and over again. For 20 years... to present day.

And now I can help you alleviate your fears of the unknown when it comes to your computer.

I will be your guide.

With me guiding you with clear and easy-to-follow video instructions

Designed to show you how I do what I do,
you will gain the confidence to manage your computer yourself, keeping it clean (making it faster) and safe from current-day threats (designed to disrupt your life by stealing your time, your identity, your personal data). 

Your inner voice will no longer say, "what if I do it wrong?"  

Instead, you will fearlessly create, produce, and be entertained by your computer instead of wanting to throw it out a window (or off a bridge), etc.

So Let me show you step-by-step and click-by-click how to clean your own computer. My first video course is

"Clean and Tune Up Your Own Computer, Getting Rid of the Bad Stuff Yourself!"

Clean Your Own Computer

OR I Will be happy to do the job for you.

Clean It For Me

Either way, you are one click away from the best way to get Happy with your computer again.

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Computer Genie provides the following services to keep you and your computers happy.
PC Clean & Tune Up
Protection & Backups
Watch & Do It Yourself
Cabling & Networks
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The Best Software Tips
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Online Tech Support
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Data Recovery
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Website Updates
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Social Media Strategy
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Jeannie Bluemel
Jeannie Bluemel

Lead Genie and Network Tech

Over 20 years of User desktop support for hardware, software and networks. She loves crochet and flowers.

Glenn Bluemel
Glenn Bluemel

Cabling Installer and Network Tech

Glenn started Low Voltage and Structured Cabling in 2006, after 20 years in the Construction industy. He loves music and is secretly a cat whisperer.

Rob Pierce
Rob Pierce

Cable Installer and Network Tech

Rob is a fierce and fast installer and loves to travel.

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