Jeannie Bluemel started her computer career when Atari released Space Invaders in 1978. From then until the early 90s, her computer skills were primarily the basic programming of games. In 1992, desktop publishing changed the world and everyone was now making flyers and workbooks using graphic programs like PageMaker for designing print media. Her focus shifted from gaming to document production, supporting offices and employers through their Marketing departments. Her voice led her through radio stations and her IT skills landed her inside the music software industry where she began her technical support experience.

The next logical step in her career was Network Administration, as she began to take over the operations of office networks and workstation support. This led to positions as Operations Manager in the legal and print publication industries and finally, after many years of working for others, it occurred to her to launch out on her own. For 2 full weeks, she referred to herself as “Computer Jeannie” when identifying herself on the phone and “Computer Genie” was born.

From supporting individuals, families, and small businesses, she gained the painful experiences that every one was suffering, malicious attacks, often the source unknown. After many years of cleaning and maintaining hundreds of computers across Charleston, SC, she and her husband added a Commercial Cabling Division, and support large retail commercial networks in the Southeast.

Currently, she is packaging all of her best advice, recommendations and experience in a new videos series: How to Be Your Own Computer Genie. Her first video course is titled, “How to Clean and Tune Up Your Own Computer Removing the Bad Stuff Yourself”

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