25 Things You Don’t Know About Me 

 I programmed my first computer (Radio Shack’ s TRS-80) at age 14. I was born in Kentucky.  I designed a go-go mini-dress at age 10 with my grandmother and won a fashion contest in 4H. It’s main feature were the 4 inch holes around the middle of the dress.  I was a cheerleader in high […]

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Watching *Bad* Satellite TV and Organizing Chrome Bookmarks
photo of Kurt Russell

Watching a movie so bad I needed to look it up on imdb.com, only recognizing Robin Williams and Kurt Russell. The Best of Times of 1986 is plain awful. The best part is seeing Robin Williams, of course. And I am a long time Kurt Russell fan.  But what does this horrible movie have to […]

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GoCards: My Vintage Collection from NYC in 2003

GoCards were fun to find and collect GoCards were fun marketing postcards at least 15 years ago. They attracted attention and were easy to grab (by the handfuls) and colorful. My collection of GoCards came from New York City in 2003. It was my first trip to the Big Apple and I had never seen […]

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Computer Genie partners with Gillware for Data Recovery

You Think You Lost ALL of your Photos? Have no fear… To date, every case has been 100% successful. Computer Genie has partnered with Gillware Data Recovery to extend quality data recovery services to her clientele. What could be worse than losing all of your data? Paying someone hundreds of dollars to “try” restore it and still have […]

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Protecting Your Children Online – A Parent’s Guide for Internet Safety

How Can I Help Keep My Kids Safe From Online Predators? The following guide “A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety” was published by the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Read time: 15 minutes and will answer some of your questions, such as: What Are Signs That Your Child Might Be At Risk Online? […]

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Clear Your Cache in Google Chrome

Good Morning! Let’s Clear Our Cache > Even I needed this today, so I hope making this video solution helps you, too. Let me know in the Comments below. Problem: I clicked an E-mail Link on a website and it did not go to the “right place”. I expected a new tab to open pointing to G-mail, […]

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