Good Morning! Let’s Clear Our Cache >

Even I needed this today, so I hope making this video solution helps you, too. Let me know in the Comments below.
Problem: I clicked an E-mail Link on a website and it did not go to the “right place”. I expected a new tab to open pointing to G-mail, because this is the way my computer is set up. Your links can also be set to automatically open up an E-mail software program like Outlook, Mail or Thunderbird.

Solution: Clear your cache. Explanation: Your Cache is the temporary holding place for all of the files that you have seen on the internet and more. It builds up over time and should be cleaned up and cleared out to improve the performance of your Internet browser.

The video/audio is slightly out-of-sync and I am working on resolving this issue by testing different screen recording software. 

Printed Instructions: Other Browsers and Mobile Devices  <Instructions on how to clear other browsers – Firefox, IE, Safari, Android, iOS, Windows phone>
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