You Think You Lost ALL of your Photos?

Have no fear… To date, every case has been 100% successful.

Computer Genie has partnered with Gillware Data Recovery to extend quality data recovery services to her clientele.

What could be worse than losing all of your data? Paying someone hundreds of dollars to “try” restore it and still have no data. “Finally, there is someone to access and test the drive before payment is required. This will be a great relief to my customers.

“This step is for the most difficult cases. Most “bad hard drives” that come across my desk I can manage in-house. Gillware provides the professional clean room operations that rebuild bad hard drives if necessary. It is not everyday that this drastic step is needed, but it is nice to have the resources necessary to provide the service when critical,” says Jeannie Bluemel, Owner of Computer Genie.

We can help with finding, recovering or restoring your data. Computer Genie is a technology services provider located on Isle of Palms, SC, handling all aspects of computer and user care.

No matter where you live, we can help. Remote-in services connect us to our clients across the globe. 
Call us (843) 452-7388 to start your case.

The full article was posted on LinkedIn September 2015.
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