Watching a movie so bad I needed to look it up on, only recognizing Robin Williams and Kurt Russell.

The Best of Times of 1986 is plain awful. The best part is seeing Robin Williams, of course. And I am a long time Kurt Russell fan. 

But what does this horrible movie have to do with bookmarks on the internet? 

Like the main character, there are memories and events and mistakes we “save” in our minds. Some might haunt us by reminding us of our misstep. The main character’s fatal flaw is his inability to let go of his football faux past in the last play of the last game of his Senior year.

Fortunately, bookmarks are a lot easier to delete and forget than life mistakes, but they build up into the hundreds. And as a result, are disorganized and not as helpful as you thought when you saved it in the first place. 

I tend to when with 20+ tabs open at once and most of the time I Bookmark All Tabs at once, so I can open my cluster of sites all at once. 

So I have a long string of folders named:

  • 2014 April
  • 2014 September
  • 2016 now
  • 2017 today

As you can see, these folder labels are useless. But I know buried in each collection are useful links and trash. It feels like I’m Recycling because… 

I cannot bring myself to delete them all without looking (an option) . Painstakingly, I am reviewing, organizing, pinning good ones to Pinterest and deleting most. 

Why do I bother to organize and document my bookmarks? 

  • To help others with useful links 
  • To attract new business
  • To organize my resources for faster references

How To Organize Chrome Bookmarks

(instructions to come) 

Kurt Russell in The Best of Times, one of the worst movies I have ever seen, starring Robin Williams. 1986.


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