1.  I programmed my first computer (Radio Shack’ s TRS-80) at age 14.
  2. I was born in Kentucky. 
  3. I designed a go-go mini-dress at age 10 with my grandmother and won a fashion contest in 4H. It’s main feature were the 4 inch holes around the middle of the dress. 
  4. I was a cheerleader in high school. 
  5. I was fired from a subway shop because my mohawk was too distracting. 
  6. I love anything French. Oooo la la! C’est bon.
  7. I won a dance contest in 5th grade doing “The Charleston”.
  8. I was a frequent visitor of the hallway, punishment for talking in class. 
  9. I met Jeff Bridges and could only mutter,  “I love everything you’ve ever done.”
  10. I won an award at Girl Scout camp for wearing my bathing suit the longest. 
  11. I did not drink beer in high school. I tried a Bartles & James wine cooler and had an allergic reaction.
  12. I sang “Sing A Song” on the Walt Disney World stage at age 6.
  13. I am too serious. 
  14. I enjoy helping young people with their studies, especially Math. 
  15. I bleached my hair “Billy Idol white” my Senior year of high school. 
  16. I starred in an art film entitled, “Amazon Women on the Moon” in 7th grade, playing the Evil Queen. (I had a crazy jagged perm.) 
  17. I love crabbing and clamming. Salt water and plouff mud. Dirty and beachy life skills acquired growing up in Charleston, South Carolina. 
  18. “I Dream of Jeannie” star Barbara Eden was my first TV idol. I still want the outfit! 
  19. I love voicing commercials. 
  20. I made Chicken Parmesan for my husband on our first dine-in date. 
  21. I can solve the Rubik ‘s Cube in less than 3 minutes. 
  22. Driving through the mountains makes me very nervous. I don’t feel safe on the edge of the cliffs. 
  23. I’m learning to walk my Siberian rescue cat, Sugar, on a leash. 
  24. I have gotten hooked on Netflix TV marathons, my latest being the last show I ever thought I would watch, but LOVE IT, and starting it again for the second time… Grey’s Anatomy. /sigh/ Meredith, McDreamy and McSteamy. I think my favorite character (after Meredith)  is the Chief. He cracks me up. 
  25.  My favorite movies of all time are “Finding Nemo” and “Lost in Translation”. 
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