GoCards were fun to find and collect

GoCard of Alien
Alien GoCard, self-promoting
GoCards were fun marketing postcards at least 15 years ago. They attracted attention and were easy to grab (by the handfuls) and colorful.

My collection of GoCards came from New York City in 2003. It was my first trip to the Big Apple and I had never seen anything quite like the GoCards help-yourself rack; I was in love with paper. I have sent a few over the years and was considering selling them on eBay. My usual preparation requires a Google search to see what I can learn about the item, its popularity or demand. I expected to find an array of websites. I did not. Instead, I learned:
GoCards no longer exist
Here is an old link to Gorillaz, which seems to be the company that took over GoCards, the last post about it being in 2009.
Other GoCards collections online
If you want to see a fun and beautiful collection of a handful of GoCards, and the best comprehensive history of GoCards, click this link, http://www.postcardy.com/articleRack.html . Seeing this author’s collection inspired me to document and post mine below. This guy, Walt, has a fairly good collection for sale
Interesting and Helpful Postcard information – A little pictorial history and Dimensions
It did not occur to me I would only find a few references to the existence of GoCards, and in the process found one of the most interesting sites about postcards Postcardy.com. (Take a quick look at Postcard Types.)
My GoCard collection
GoCard postcard featuring Barbie
Barbie GoCard by 1moderncircle.com

GoCard postcard featuring Diesel
Diesel GoCard promoting Diesel Kids @ Bloomingdale’s

GoCard postcard featuring Lancome
Lancome GoCard

GoCard postcard for GoCard
Self-promoting GoCard

GoCard postcard featuring David Barton Gym of NYC
David Barton Gym of NYC. On back: Look Better Naked

GoCard postcard Simon Levy
GoCard featuring Simon Levy of Nashville, Tennessee. On back: Lathe-Turned Wood Spalted Hackberry Vessel

GoCard of Joe Poe Rizzo
GoCard featuring cartoon, Joe Poe Rizzo by Joe & Bill Shea

GoCard postcard Mr. Bubble
GoCard ft. Mr. Bubble

GoCard for The Style Channel
GoCard for The Style Channel, sponsored by AOL and ABC

GoCard of Mystery Date Game
GoCard featuring the Mystery Date Game promoting a book, “Do You Remember?” a picture book on nostalgia

GoCard of Alien
Alien GoCard, self-promoting

GoCard postcard showing the word Bored on red background
GoCard for SocialCircles.com “New York’s premier activity & social club for fun-loving professionals.”

GoCard for Sega Saturn and Fighters Magamix
GoCard for Sega Saturn and Fighters Magamix
Do you have a GoCard collection? Please share your picture links or comments below.
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